Professional Dance Training Program

In our years of professional experience, we have noticed that the missing step for the complete training of a dancer is to learn the ” craft “, to really know how to work in a company. That is why we decided to give a chance to future professional dancers to join a Professional Dance Company , that it could serve as a platform to boost their career.

The Professional Dance Training Program caraB aims to develop the student´s artistic skills related to dance, musicality and movement and to ensure they achieve a level to allow them to start a career in the field of dance. 

The Program is composed of three blocks, the first two aimed at providing the dance training necessary that would allow each student to develop an artistic career. The thrid one works the same way as a young company, the students (admitted through an audition), will work with caraBdanza during rehearsals, and they will be part of the company´s projects as the company´s dancers.

The project´s goal is to help future professional dancers to move on to the professional dance world, accrediting their training and experience as a professionals during their time with the company.

Block I: Beginner / Intermediate I
Block II: Intermediate II / Advanced
Block III: Apprentice with caraBdanza

  Course Enrollment

– To apply for the course, an audition will be held between May and September, and the faculty will decide the level of each applicant.

– Private audition upon request once the course has started to place the student in an appropriate level.

– The maximum number of students per level is 12.

Contact us by sending an email to or call +34 672 478 692   C/ Conde de la Cimera 4, Madrid.

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