Iván Serrano

Iván SerranoIván Serrano, our Production Manager, is being in contact with the dance world for over ten years and teaches Ballroom, Latin Dance and Sevillanas.

From 2000 he has received classes from social dance master teachers, among them Carlos and Elizabeth (Salsa), Juanma y Natalia (Tango), Carmen y Ventura (Ballroom), Pablo y Beatriz (Tango), Albir (Kizomba) and Paco y Lourdes (Ballroom).

His career as dance teacher starts in 2005. During his professional career, Iván, as a dancer has been part of many performances and events such as the Benefit Gala Foundation VIHDA at the Coliseum Theatre of Madrid (Salsa line choreography) and the show “¿Bailamos?” presented at the first edition of Ballroom at Sabatini Gardens.

Currently, he teaches Ballroom, Latin Dance and Sevillanas in many schools and associations in Madrid. Faculty at caraB School of Performing Arts and he is in charge of the production management of caraBdanza, and specializes on this thanks to the gained experience over years of organizing and distributing performances.

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